Residential Garden Design Services - Melbourne

  • The Design process for Residential Gardens


    The residential design process consists of :

    • Preliminary meeting - A preliminary meeting takes place (usually on site) between the designer and the client. The client will outline a brief to the designer and the designer will discuss options for the garden. Based on this meeting a fixed price is agreed to for the design process. (there is no charge for this meeting).
    • Site measurement (Any plans that the client can provide will reduce the cost of this stage)
    • Preparation of a Concept Plan (Based on Clients brief and discussion with the designer)
    • Meeting to discuss the Concept plan – Including preliminary cost estimates and provision of samples
    • Preparation of a Master plan – Based on Clients final decisions during the Concept meeting. An allowance is made for further small refinements to design at this stage.

    Master Plan includes all information relevant to the construction of the garden including

    1. Planting plan and Plant schedule
    2. All details of Hard Landscape Materials and Construction (Excluding engineer’s details)
    3. Lighting layout and schedule
    4. Drainage and irrigation notes
    5. Levels and Dimensions for construction

    - Project supervision & Consultation

    Faulkner & Chapman Landscape Design will supervise all works by Landscape Contractors to ensure quality control and adherence to design intent. We will provide on-site design amendments and advice as well as regular construction inspections. This service will be based on an agreed fixed price.

    - Horticultural Consultancy

    Faulkner & Chapman Landscape Design will prepare reports on Horticultural matters as well as give on-site consultancy to garden owners at an hourly rate.